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If you like me, here is the nice touch of what you could see in my gallery.



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Not your buisness
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Warning, I am totally and barely crazy. Also I'm developting my own superhero comic book.


Steven Universe - My Gemsonas by Pivociarz
Steven Universe - My Gemsonas
I hope gemsona means gem OC, and not your gem version, but I've got both meanings here.

I'm a huge fan of Steven Universe, I can't wait for new episodes, it's great show, you should watch it if you haven't yet, right now. Shea Lebauf would say: JUST DO IT!

So let's get to names and personality. From your left:

Name/Gem: Red Beryl
Weapon: Baton
Affiliation: Yellow Diamond
Personality: light hearted, kind, nice, inteligent
Background: Born in kindegarten on some unknown planet. Red Beryl is scientist working for homeworld, her speciality are different lifeform, she's especially fascinated with humans, that's why her outfit looks so weird, and terrestrial. Don't like husting others so her weapon is something that not kills, but can poof, or even destroy a gem if you put enough force into it.

Name/Gem: Musgravite
Weapon: Machete
Affiliation: Yellow Diamond
Personality: Cold, serious, smart, proud
Background: Fighting in the war with Rose Quartz and rebellion, first affraid but later, supported by Yellow diamond she becomes this cold warrior she is now. She is helping Red Beryl and Chrysoprase during their trip trough universe.

Name/Gem: Chrysoprase
Weapon: Claw
Affiliation: Yellow Diamond
Personality: Childish, light hearted, short tempered, crybaby,  when angered she will burst into flames, like Father from Kids Next Door
Background: She's my gemsona, and by this I mean she's me, but gem, and working for Homeworld. But to the story: Chrysoprase, also born on some planet, always wanted to travel away from Homeworld. Just recently she was given a chance to travel. Her target? Earth. She wants to know what are this rumors about rebellion survivors.

Art and characters belong to me
Steven Universe belongs Rebeca Sugar
DC - Joker by Pivociarz
DC - Joker
I saw on DA that many artists have their version of Joker, I had mine in mind for some time. It's nice to draw fanart again.

Joker belongs to DC
But this piece of art belongs to me
Art practise - Hopper by Pivociarz
Art practise - Hopper
Afterseeing some of :iconlostie815:'s tutorials I decided to draw Hopper in Gimp, not Sai as I usually do, and also In the way she draws. And this is how I'm going to draw from now on.

This art and character belongs to me
Quickly, submit cool names for the team. They need to be made from two words and both of them need to start with "S". Please.

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Pivociarz Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Taak, teraz już sprawdzilem twoje konto, miło cię znów "widzieć"
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